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Meet the Artisan - Hocine Bazine, Master Carpet Weaver & Owner of Berber Arts, Algeria

Hocine Bazine is a master carpet weaver from Algeria. He's also the owner of Berber Arts. Here is his story, in his own words.  "Since my childhood I adored weaving Berber rugs and I started learning the basics from my grandmother. I used to watch my grandmother creating a rug throughout all stages of weaving Berber rugs. The process of drying wools, arranging lines on the hand-loom. We are based in the heart of Algeria, in the deep south, in a city called Ghardaia, also known as the "Pearl of Oasis". The indigenous people are Berber, aka “M’ZAB”. In 1982, the city of Ghardaia was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List as a cultural property. We inherited weaving rugs from...

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Join the E-Commerce Eco Revolution

Home Geographic's commitment to our community is to do everything in our power to make shipping and packaging sustainable -- and we ask our community to do that same.  We are unrelenting in our mission to make the world a little bit more like the place we dream of living in. We're looking for the community of people who want to join in on creating the world we dream of. So, are you with us? 

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The Tale of an Adventurous Pillow

We don't know the exact story of this pillow, but we have a good guess about its past life in Jordan.    Dotting the deserts of Jordan, even today, many Bedouin tribes live nomadically, moving camp with the seasons, and for grazing their animals. Bedouins typically raise goats, camels and sheep, and use donkeys for work and transportation. These animals provide milk, meat, and crucially, hair, which is spun into spools of yarn, and then handwoven on ground looms.    A phenomenal feature of Bedouin homes is the roof and walls itself; handwoven from water- and wind-resistant goat and camel hair, homes are typically black from the goat, cream-colored from camel hair.     Over time, weather and wear and...

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