Join the E-Commerce Eco Revolution

Solving the problem of shopping online and being environmentally and social responsible 

Online shopping has changed the world. The digital age has opened up human creative potential in a way never seen before. Now, we have an ability to customize our lives according to our style, lifestyle, and values has been enabled like never before.

However, along with accelerated growth of online retail, comes a steep environmental cost: mainly in single-use packaging materials and CO2 emissions from transportation. 

Sustainable shipping isn't an option for us, it is the only option. 

Deep within our ethos is a belief in celebrating the world with a sense of awe and wonder. We see ourselves as stewards of this beautiful garden of life. 

Thus, while entering the potentially environmentally harmful retail industry, it isn't a question for us whether to integrate sustainability into our shipping and packing processes -- it is mandatory. 

In a cost-driven economy, sustainable shipping still isn't commonplace

What we've discovered is that making shipping sustainable isn't commonplace -- because most retailers care more than anything about maximizing their bottomline. 

The reality is that sustainable shipping is slightly more expensive than conventional retail. 

Our belief is that governments should provide regulations to promote what benefits us all -- that is, lower CO2 emissions, and integrating circularity into retail systems. 

However, society isn't ready for that yet, not even in Europe where environmental regulations are taken quite seriously. 

We're on a mission to revolutionize retail for the better, and we're looking for people to join us. 

Home Geographic's commitment to our community is to do everything in our power to make shipping and packaging sustainable -- and we ask our community to do that same. 

As such, our costs might be a little bit higher for shipping and packaging than conventional retail companies -- and we are willing to accept that risk. 

We are unrelenting in our mission to make the world a little bit more like the place we dream of living in. We're looking for the community of people who want to join in on creating the world we dream of. So, are you with us?