The Tale of an Adventurous Pillow

We don't know the exact story of this pillow, but we have a good guess about its past life in Jordan. 


Dotting the deserts of Jordan, even today, many Bedouin tribes live nomadically, moving camp with the seasons, and for grazing their animals.

Bedouins typically raise goats, camels and sheep, and use donkeys for work and transportation.

These animals provide milk, meat, and crucially, hair, which is spun into spools of yarn, and then handwoven on ground looms. 


A phenomenal feature of Bedouin homes is the roof and walls itself; handwoven from water- and wind-resistant goat and camel hair, homes are typically black from the goat, cream-colored from camel hair.


Bedouin Tent in Jordan


Over time, weather and wear and tear on these tents lead to the fabric being repurposed. And here we meet: this beautiful pillow. 



This pillow once was part of the walls of a family's tent. Where it went, and who lived under it, we don't know. But lean back on this pillow, and the world offers itself to your imagination.