The Eye-Dazzler
The Eye-Dazzler
The Eye-Dazzler


The Eye-Dazzler

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The diagnol design of "The Infinite Loop" ascends and climbs around and around this piece, much like an MC Escher painting. Created by Acoma artist GM Garcias, this one-of-a-kind piece is handthrown, and handpainted with paints crushed from local stones and earth. Painted entirely by eye, using only the stick of a yucca plant as a paintbrush, this piece mezmerizes and enthralls. 

Measures: 67.5 cm circumference at widest, 16.5cm high, 23cm wide, 944 grams.



1) Do not expose pottery to any water or moisture.
2) Do not wipe with a damp cloth.
3) Dust pottery only with a soft cloth (not terry cloth or textured fabric).
4) Always use two hands to carry your pot: one on top and one on the bottom.
5) Do not grip or lift pots by the rim.
6) Place a piece of cloth or felt between pot and shelf to protect signature.
7) Avoid exposing pottery to sudden temperature changes.